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 World Wide-Web Edition Preface



Preface The contents of this book were originally presented in the form videotape, in which several meetings and dialogues were conducted with well-known scientists in different fields of science. This was done to examine the scientific facts mentioned in several Qur'aanic verses, and to highlight the fact that the religion of Islam encourages science and the acquisition of knowledge with absolutely no contradiction between the Qur'aanic revelation and the scientific facts.

 The scientists who participated in these dialogues were all non-Muslims, most of whom were explaining some scientific facts which they have realized only very recently and after several years of research and study. When they were told that what they have just discovered recently was already referred to either directly or indirectly in the Holy Qur'aan more than 1400 years ago, they showed a great deal of astonishment. Their comments were varied, but almost all of them confessed that this Qur'aan could not have come from any human or ordinary source. Indeed, some of them were convinced and have affirmed that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam (sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam) is a messenger from AllahAllah, to the point that one of them even embraced Islam by declaring the Islamic creed otherwise known as the "Shahaadah" and thus became a Muslim.

 When those experts and authorities of science acclaim these facts, they actually demonstrate a proof of the truthfulness of Islam in front of their fellow scholars and to those endowed with less knowledge among their own people. They are actually opening closed doors and paving the road to the true faith in AllahAllah, the Lord of the universe. What then, is the excuse of those who turn away from faith after these proofs and the testimonies of those scientists?

AllahAllah said to them in the Qur'aan:

 Say: Do you see? If (this teaching) be from AllahAllah, and you reject it, And a witness from among the children of Israel testifies to its similarity (with earlier scripture), and has believed while you are arrogant (How unjust you are!) Truly, AllahAllah guides not a people unjust. (Qur'aan 46:10).

AllahAllah also said in the Qur'aan:

 Those whom AllahAllah wills to guide, He opens their breast to Islam; Those whom He wills to leave straying, - he makes their breast close and constricted, as if they had to climb up to the skies: thus does AllahAllah lay abomination on those who refuse to believe. (Qur'aan 6:125).

Preface The original dialogues with those scientists were recorded on a videotape entitled "This Is The Truth". They are far more effective and a lot clearer to a viewer. To make this exchange of ideas available to a wide range of people, we decided to produce this book, which contains the testimonies of the scientists who participated in the discussions exactly as they appeared in the videotape, without any alterations whatsoever [Please read New Edition Preface for a summary of changes - Ed.].

 The videotape also contained extensive comments by Shaykh Abdul-Majeed Az-Zindani. These comments were also recorded here as they were expressed in the English version of the videotape. All the Qur'aanic verses in the videotape were written in this book according to the English translation of the Holy Qur'aan by Abdullah Yusuf Ali [Some archaic linguistic usage has been edited however for the sake of clarity - Ed.], which was revised and edited by the Presidency of Islamic Researches, IFTA, Call and Guidance, Saudi Arabia.

 We hope that this book will be of benefit to those who read it, and may AllahAllah help them understand the message of Islam, leading them to the straight path.

 Abdullah M. Al-Rehaili, Riyadh
Ramadan 1415 (February, 1995)

 World Wide-Web Edition Preface

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