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    Learn Arabic Online / اللغة العربية

    Arabic Prepositions

    Prepositions in Arabic are used just like in English; they come before the noun,

    Around the house = hawla al bait (around = hawla). In front of the house = amama al bait (amama= in front of).

    Some prepositions that are one word in English may contain two words in Arabic, for example (among = men bayn) which means literally “from between”. And vice versa, some Arabic one word may be the equivalent of a compound English preposition, like: in front of = fawka.

    Arabic Demonstrative Prepositions

    This = used for masculine: hatha (th as in them) = هذا

    This = used for feminine  : hatheh (th as in them) =  هذه

    That = used for masculine: thalek (th as in them) = ذلك

    That = used for feminine: tilka =  تلك

    These = ha’ola’ = هؤلاء

    Those = ola’ek =  أولئك


    Arabic Prepositions

    About: hawla  حولَ

    By: ‘ala  على

    On: ‘ala... على

    Above: fawqa  فوقَ

    close by: bel qurbi men   بالقرب من

    on top of: fawqa... فوقَ

    according to…: wafqan li …وفقا ل

    close to: bejaneb …بجانب

    Opposite to: ‘aksa...  عكسَ

    Across: ‘abra    عبرَ

    Concerning: bekhosoos   بخصوص

    Out: khaarej... خارج

    After: ba’da  بعدَ

    Despite: raghma   رغمَ

    Outside…: bel kharej men... بالخارج

    Against: dedda  ضدَ

    Down: tahta  تحت

    Over: ‘ala... على

    ahead of: amama  أمامَ

    due to: naatej ‘an   ناتج عن

    Per …: li kolli...  لكل

    all over: men jaded  من جديد

    During: khelaala  خلالَ

    Plus …: idafatan ila...إضافةً الى

    Along: ‘ala tool   على طول

    except for: bestethnaa’ (th as in think)  باستثناء

    Regarding: bekhosoos...بخصوص

    Among: men bayn من بين

    Excluding: mostathnian   مستثنياً

    Save: bestithnaa’ (th as in think)...باستثناء

    Around: hawla حولَ

    for: li…. ل

    similar to: moshaabeh li...مشابه ل

    As: ka…كَ

    From: men   من

    Since: mundu...منذُ

    As … as: … ka ….كَ

    In: fi... فِ

    Than: men... من

    Aside: bejaaneb   بجانب

    in front of: amama   أمامَ

    thanks to…: befadli…بفضل

    At: ‘ala   على

    in place of: makana …مكانَ

    Through: khelaala …خلالَ

    away from: ba’eedan ‘an  بعيدا عن

    in spite of: berraghmi men….بالرغم من

    Till: ila (or) ila ghaayat …الى or الى غاية

    because of: besababi   بسبب

    Including: mo’taberan   معتبراً

    To: ila …إلى

    Before: qabla   قبلَ

    Inside: beddakhel... بالدّاخل

    Towards: bettejaah … باتجاه

    Behind: waraa’   وراءَ

    instead of: ‘ewadan ‘an …عوضاً عن

    Under: tahta...تحت

    Below: tahta  تحت

    Less: aqal... أقل

    Unlike: kheelafan ‘an...خلافاً عن

    Beneath: men taht  من تحت

    Like …: methla …  (or) ka …مثلَ . (or) كَ

    Until: ila ghayet …الى غاية

    Beside: bejaneb   بجانب

    Minus: naqes …ناقص

    Up: fawq  فوق

    Besides: bel idafati ila   باللإضافة الى

    Near: qareeb... قريب

    Versus: ‘aaksa …عكسَ

    Between: bayna  بينَ

    near to …: qareeb men…. قريبٌ من

    Via: ‘abra….عبر

    Beyond: wara’a  وراءَ

    next to: bejaneb …بجانب

    With: ma’a….مع

    But: laken  لكن

    Of: men (not for possessive)... من

    Without: bedoon…بدون


    Wherever: haithumaa (th as in think)   حيثما

    Whenever: kullamaa  كلّما

    When (not for question): ‘endamaa  عندما

    If: ithaa (th as in this)   إذا

    Either … or: imma ….aw …  إمّا....أو

    Neither … nor: laa ….. wala …   لا....ولا

    As if: kamaa law…   كما لو...

    Try to memorize these Arabic prepositions, they’re very important in making sentences and useful expressions.

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