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 | The Noble Names of Allah swt
    The most beautiful names belong to God, so call on Him thereby. (7:180)
    Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of GOD, for without doubt in the remembrance of God do hearts find satisfaction. (13:28)
    Allah The God. The only one Almighty. He alone is worthy of worship. Al-Mubdi The Originator. He who creates all creatures initially without matter or model.
    Al-Adl The Just. He who is Equitable. Al-Mughni The Enricher. The Sufficer.
    Al-Aakhir The Last. Al-Muhaymin The Guardian. He who watches over and protects all things. (Helper in Peril)
    Al-Afu The Pardoner. He who pardons all who sincerely repents. Al-Muhsi The Appraiser. He who knows the number of every single thing in existence, even to infinity.
    Al-Alim The Knower of All. He who has full knowledge of all things. Al-Mu'id The Restorer. He who recreates His creatures after He has annihilated them.
    Al-Ahad The One. The only one. Al-Mu'izz The Bestower of Honors. He who confers honor and dignity.
    Al-Awwal The First. Al-Mujib The Responder to Prayer. He who grants the wishes who appeals to him.
    Al-Aziz The Mighty & Strong. Al-Muqit The Nourisher. He who gives every creature it's sustenance.
    Al-Azeem The Magnificent. The Most High. He who is Most Splendid. Al-Muqaddim The Expediter. He who brings forward whatever He wills (Forewarner).
    Al-Badi The Incomparable. He who is without model or match, and who brings into being worlds of amazing wonder. Al-Muqsit The Equitable One. He who does everything with proper balance and harmony.
    Al-Ba'ith The Resurrector. He who brings the dead to life, and raises them from their tombs. Al-Muqtadir The Creator of All Power. He who disposes at His will even of the strongest and mightiest of His creatures.
    Al-Baqi The Everlasting One. Eternal (in the future). Al-Mumit The Taker of Life. He who creates the death of a living creature.
    Al-Bari The Maker of Order (Skilled Worker). O Evolver who created all things so that each whole and its parts are in perfect conformity and harmony. Al-Muntaqim The Avenger. He who justly inflicts upon wrongdoers the punishment they deserve.
    Al-Barr Source of all Goodness. He who treats His servants tolerantly, and whose goodness and kindness are very great indeed. Al-Musawwir The Shaper of Beauty. He who designs all things, giving each its particular form and character (Sculptor).
    Al-Basir The All-Seeing. To those who invoke this Name one hundred times between the obligatory and customary prayers in Friday congregation, Allah grants esteem in the eyes of others. Al-Muta'ali The Supreme One. He is exalted in every respect, far beyond anything the mind could possibly attribute to His creatures.
    Al-Basit The Reliever (Uncloser). He who releases, letting things expand. Al-Mutakabbir The Majestic. He who demonstrates His greatness in all things and in all ways.
    Al-Batin The Hidden One. He who is hidden, concealed. Al-Mudhill The Humiliator. He who degrades and abases.
    Al-Dhar The Distresser The Creator of the Harmful. He who creates things that cause pain and injury. An-Nafi The Creator of Good. He who creates things that yields advantages and benefit.
    Al-Fattah The Opener. He who opens the solution to all problems and makes things easy. An-Nur The Light. He who gives light to all the worlds, who illuminates the faces, minds and hearts of His servants.
    Al-Ghaffar The Forgiving. He who is always ready to forgive. Al-Qabidh The Constrictor. He who constricts and restricts.
    Al-Ghafur The Forgiver and Hides Faults. Al-Qadir The All Powerful. He who is Able to do what He wills as He wills (Providence).
    Al-Ghani The Rich one. He who is infinitely rich and completely Independent. Al-Qahhar The Subduer. He who dominates all things, and prevails upon them to do whatever He wills (Dominant).
    Al-Hadi The Guide. He who provides guidance. Al-Qawi The Most Strong.The Possessor of All Strength.
    Al-Hafiz The Preserver. He who guards all creatures in every detail. Al-Qayyum The Self-Existing One. He who maintains the heavens, the earth, and everything that exists.
    Al-Haiy The Ever Living One. The living who knows all things and whose strength is sufficient for everything. Al-Quddus The Pure One. He who is free from all errors.
    Al-Hakim The Perfectly Wise. He whose every command and action is pure wisdom. Ar-Rafi' The Exalter. He who raises up.
    Al-Hakam The Judge. He who judges and makes right prevails. Ar-Raheem The All Compassionate. He who acts with extreme kindness.
    Al-'Ali The Highest. The Exalted. Ar-Rahman The All Merciful. He who wills goodness and mercy for all His creatures.
    Al-Halim The Forbearing. He who is Most Clement. Ar-Raqib The Watchful One.
    Al-Hamid The Praisedworthy. All praise belongs to Him, and who alone do the tongues of all creation laud. Ar-Rashid The Righteous Teacher. He who moves all things in accordance with His eternal plan, bringing them without error and with order and wisdom to their ultimate destiny (Unerring).
    Al-Haqq The Truth. He who’s being endures unchangingly. Ar-Ra'uf The Kind. He who is very compassionate (Indulgent).
    Al-Hasib The Accounter. He who knows every details. Ar-Razzaq The Sustainer. He who provides all things useful to His creatures.
    Al-Jabbar The Compelling. He who repairs all broken thing, and completes that which is incomplete. As-Sabur The Patient One. He who is characterized by infinite patience.
    Al-Jaleel The Glorious. He who is Lord of Majesty and Grandeur. As-Salaam The Source of Peace. He who frees His servants from all danger.
    Al-Jaame The Gatherer. He who brings together what He wills, when He wills, where He wills. As-Samad The Eternal. He who is the only recourse for the ending of need and the removal of affliction.
    Al-Kabir The Greatest. He who supremely great. As-Sami The Hearer of All. Allah takes care of all the needs of those who invoke this glorious Name one hundred times.
    Al-Karim The Generous. He whose generosity is most abundant. Ash-Shahid The Witness. He who is present everywhere and observes all things.
    Al-Khabir The All Aware. He who has the knowledge of inner & most secret aspects of all things. Ash-Shakur The Rewarder of Thankfulness. He who gratefully rewards good deeds (Appreciator).
    Al-Khafid The Abaser. He who brings down, diminishes. At-Tawwab The Acceptor to Repentance. He who is ever ready to accept repentance and to forgive sins (Relenting).
    Al-Khaliq The Creator. He who brings from non-being into being, creating all things in such a way that He determines their existence and the conditions and events they are to experience. Al-Vakil The Trustee / Guardian. He who manages the affairs of those who duly commit them to His charge, and who looks after them better than they could themselves.
    Al-Latif The Subtle One. He who knows the minutest subtleties of all things. Al-Vali The Protecting Friend. He who is a nearest friend to His good servants.
    Al-Majid The Majestic One. He whose glory is most great and most high. Al-Wahhab The Giver of All. He who constantly bestows blessings of every kind.
    Al-Ma'jid The Glorious. He, whose dignity and glory are most great, and whose generosity and munificence are bountiful. Al-Wahid The Unique. He who is Single, absolutely without partner or equal in His Essence, Attributes, Actions, Names and Decrees.
    Al-Malik The Absolute Ruler. The Ruler of the entire universe (King of Kings). Al-Wajid The Finder. He who finds what He wishes when He wishes (Perceiving).
    Malik-ul-Mulk The Owner of All. The King of the Kingdom. Al-Wadud The Loving One. He who loves His good servants, and bestows his compassion upon them.
    Al-Mani' The Preventer of Harm. The Withholder. Al-Wali The Governor. The Protecting Friend. He who administers this vast universe and all its passing phenomena.
    Al-Momin The Inspirer of Faith. He who awakes the light of faith in our hearts. Al-Wasi' The All Comprehending. He who has limitless capacity and abundance.
    Al-Mateen The Firm. He who is very steadfast. Al-Warith The Inheritor of All. He who is the Real Owner of all riches.
    Al-Muhyi The Giver of Life. He who confers life, gives vitality, revives. Az-Zahir The Manifest One. He who is Evident.
    Al-Mu'akhkhir The Delayer. He who sets back or delays whatever He wills. Zal-Jalali-
    The Lord of Majesty and Bounty. He who possesses both greatness and gracious magnanimity.
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    The Holy Quran Quotes

    “Don't be humiliated and ask for peace, while you are on the Uppermost and Allah is with you.”

    (Muhammad, 47:35)


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