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    Syrian Colloquial Arabic Course

    Table of Contents

    Instructions for the Classroom (MP3 soundtrack: Introduction 8.2MB)

    Introduction to the Writing System

    Chapter One:

    Conversation "Welcome to Damascus!" (MP3 soundtrack: Chapter 1 5.5MB)
    Function A: Meeting someone for the first time
    Function B: Describing your country
    Function C: Exchanging pleasantries
    Function D: Counting and using numbers
    Function E: Asking for and offering things
    Function F: Telling the time
    Reading and Pronunciation excercises

    Chapter Two:

    Conversation "Turn the meter on please" (MP3 soundtrack: Chapter 2 5.4MB)
    Function A: Locating places in Damascus
    Function A: Map of Damascus (map 3 page 67)
    Function A: Locating places in Damascus cont.
    Function B: Catching a taxi
    Function C: Expressing existence
    Function D: Paying for the taxi
    Function E: Expressing possession in the classroom
    Reading and Pronunciation

    Chapter Three

    Conversation "A room with a bath" (MP3 soundtrack: Chapter 3 7.4MB)
    Function A: Expressing desire
    Function B: Expressing ownership and availability
    Function C: Talking about hotel facilities
    Function D: Paying for accommodation
    Function E: Counting floors of a building
    Function F: Talking about your family
    Reading and Pronunciation

    Chapter Four

    Conversation "We're very hungry!" (MP3 soundtrack: Chapter 4 5.4MB)
    Function A: Counting things
    Function B: Ordering at a restaurant
    Function C: Expressing your feelings
    Reading and Pronunciation

    Chapter Five

    Conversation "That's so expensive!" (MP3 soundtrack: Chapter 5 6.6MB)
    Function A: Comparing things
    Function A: Picture page 162
    Function B: Going to the shops
    Function C: Shopping for food
    Function D: Shopping for clothes
    Function E: Describing people (pictures page:183 /184)
    Function F: Saying "no"
    Reading and Pronunciation

    Chapter Six

    Conversation "When did you arrive?" (MP3 soundtrack: Chapter 6 7.5MB)
    Function A: Talking about past events
    Function B: Talking about past occupations
    Function C: Talking about when you arrived
    Function C: Talking about when you arrived cont.
    Function D: Talking about periods of time
    Function E: Describing what have you bought and seen
    Function F: Explaining where things have been put
    Function G: Giving reasons and making up excuses
    Reading practice

    Chapter Seven

    Conversation "What are you doing?" (MP3 soundtrack: Chapter 7 9.2MB)
    Function A: Making suggestions
    Function B: Talking about what you have to do
    Function C: Making invitations
    Function D: Talking about daily routines
    Function E: Describing ongoing activities
    Function E: Describing ongoing activities cont.
    Function F: Talking about hobbies
    Reading practice

    Chapter Eight

    Conversation "What shall we do on the holiday?" (MP3 soundtrack: Chapter 8 9.6MB)
    Function A: Talking about future arrangements
    Function B: Around the house
    Function C: Giving orders around the house
    Function D: Asking someone to do something for you
    Function E: Explaining what's wrong with you
    Function F: Hiring a car
    Function G: Hopes, adivce and speculating about the future
    Function H: Wondering, wishing and past possibilities
    Reading practice


    Answers to excerices
    Scripts of taped conversations
    Index (English)
    Index (Arabic)

    Writing Practice Materials (sorry, hand-drawn arrows to show you the writing direction are still missing)
    Labels for your own dictionary

    Tape One Cover
    Tape Two Cover


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    (Al-Baqarah, 2:217)


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